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Economy and Philosopy: Nassim Taleb

Samhain 7, 2008

PBS (USA) Interview:

Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Author: The Black Swan), Benoit Mandelbroit (Mathematician).

Globalisation fools us into false security; if there is a failure, there can be a massive failure. Atheists and the Stock Market – Nassim Nicholas Taleb;

“Anybody invested in the Stock Market who is critical of religion is a hypocrite… stock markets analysts are worse than useless…”

BBC Newsnight – Nassim Nicholas Taleb:

“…we may be at the very beginning… we have to throw out everything we know…”

Charlie Rose Green Room – Nassim Taleb:

“You cannot seperate skills from luck… skills are necessary.”

Charlie Rose Interview 1. – Nassim Taleb:

“1. A surprise; 2. massively consequential… after the fact, we always analyse to find causes… the world is becoming more and more difficult to understand.”

“Most of what we know, came form tinkering… design has not led to desirable consequences… most [important] events come from large deviations… you have to learn form the extraordinary, not the ordinary.”

PBS – Newshour: Hedgefund explanation (Amaranth);

“… a crisis of confidence, because of an event that seemed impossible, until it happened.”

Times Online: Nassim Taleb – Life tips;