[References] Libertarian as socialist: and right-wing takeover

This is entirely swiped – with some editing – from the “libertarianism” discussions page on Wikipedia – thanks entirely to “q” – mistakes should be considered Saoirsí’s:

“There was the Libertarian League in the u.s. in 1954 to 67:”


“Murray Bookchin noted, the “term ‘libertarian’ itself, to be sure, raises a problem, notably, the specious identification of an anti-authoritarian ideology with a straggling movement for ‘pure capitalism’ and ‘free trade.’”

This movement never created the word: it appropriated it from the anarchist movement of the [nineteenth] century. And it should be recovered by those anti-authoritarians … who try to speak for dominated people as a whole, not for personal egotists who identify freedom with entrepreneurship and profit.”

The Modern Crisis, pp. 154-5


“Thus anarchists in America should “restore in practice a tradition that has been denatured by” the free-market right.”

From 1994:

Guy Aldred (1886-1963), The Socialist as Libertarian


Libertarianism in the Oaxaca movement today:


‘Libertarians’ – What’s in a Word? “

This article originally appeared in “ANARCHY! Northeast Libertarian Broadsheet” Issue 3, Jan. ‘95.


Sydney Libertarianism by A.J. Baker 1960


Albert Meltzer’s Anarchism : Arguments for and Against published in 2000

“Nowadays conservatives like to appropriate the name ‘libertarianism’ to describe themselves as if they were more receptive to freedom than socialists. But their libertarianism is confined to keeping the State out of interfering in their business affairs, i.e. exploitation. Once anarchism makes it plain that it is possible to have both social justice and to dispense with the State they are shown in their true colours. Their arguments against State socialism and Communism may sound ‘libertarian,’ but their arguments against Anarchism reveal that they are essentially authoritarian. That is why they prefer to rely upon innuendo, slanders and false reporting, which is part and parcel of the Establishment anti-anarchism, faithfully supported by the media.”

Current journal discussing “classical” libertarianism:


Anarchism: A Documentary History Of Libertarian Ideas released 2005, US


Anarchism/Libertarianism in France:


It should also be mentioned that Mike Gravel ran as a Left Libertarian for the Libertarian Party nomination.

Discussion of Left and Right libertarianism, and differences:


“As you can see clearly, Left Libertarianism developed as ‘Libertarianism.’ Libertarianism was another word for Anarchism. Both being the same school of what you would now call ‘Left’ Libertarianism. This extended until 1970. Then a different group with different goals started using the word Libertarianism. That version of Libertarianism extends the power of the rich, while the other version limits it. So in Capitalist societies, publications which are owned by the rich will discuss ‘Right’ Libertarianism but not ‘Left’ Libertarianism. Other countries have rich and vast traditions of ‘Left’ libertarianism. There are more Left Libertarians in the world than Right ones. There are more Right Libertarians in the U.S. than left ones. What does this all mean?”



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