[References] Libertarian as Left-wing, worldwide

http://www.afed.org.uk/aims.html “The Anarchist Federation is an organisation of class struggle anarchists (based in Britain and Ireland, but with many contacts overseas) which aims to abolish Capitalism and all oppression to create a free and equal society. This is Anarchist Communism.” “The Anarchist Federation is an organisation of revolutionary class struggle anarchists. We aim for the abolition of all hierarchy, and work for the creation of a world-wide classless society: anarchist communism… We seek to build an anarchist international to work with other libertarian revolutionaries throughout the world. ” “http://www.afed.org.uk/links.html#UKIreland Aufheben – lots of in-depth articles in this libertarian communist journal. “The journal Aufheben was first produced in the UK in Autumn 1992. ” Class against Class – libertarian, autonomist and council communist texts. Colchester Solidarity Group – network of Colchester-based Libertarian Socialists.

http://eventsandissues.bravehost.com/LAF.html “The LAF is an informal non-sectarian left libertarian discussion group which meets usually once a month “

WOMBLES – White Overalls Movement Building Libertarian Effective Struggles. UK based activists. http://www.wombles.org.uk/ “This site – http://www.wombles.org.uk – collects news and information about anti-capitalist / anarchist direct action, protests and events. The areas we try to focus on include articles on solidarity campaigns for radical prisoners, border / migration struggles, autonomous work place organising, social centres, squatted or free spaces.”

http://www.wsm.ie/about_us Workers Soldarity Movement “As anarchists we see ourselves as part of a long tradition that has fought against all forms of authoritarianism and exploitation, a tradition that strongly influenced one of the most successful and far reaching revolutions in this century – in Spain in 1936 – 37. The value of this tradition cannot be underestimated today. With the fall of the Soviet Union there is renewed interest in our ideas and in the tradition of libertarian socialism generally. We hope to encourage this interest with Red & Black Revolution. We believe that anarchists and libertarian socialists should debate and discuss their ideas, that they should popularise their history and struggle, and help point to a new way forward.” “In terms of helping to build a broad libertarian movement in Ireland we have continued to work in the Grassroots Gathering. We also initiated campaigns against both Nice referenda, in the second over 50,000 libertarian leaflets were distributed.” “Freedom without Socialism is privilege and injustice. Socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality” [James Connolly – executed leader and socialist patriot of 1916 Easter Rising; also a US member of International Workers of the World]

http://www.wsm.ie/public_newswire_1?topic=anarchistmovement “International Anarchist statement for International Workers Day 2008 Towards a new international movement of the exploited, Against neo-liberalism, against war, against hunger and poverty, For peace, food and housing for all, for safe and secure jobs, Towards the libertarian alternative!” http://www.wsm.ie/rbr Issues of irish anarchist magazine Red and Black Revolution

http://www.libcom.org/notes/about “The libcom group is a small collective of libertarian communists based in and around London, we maintain libcom.org, and as individuals are involved with a number of other groups and activity. Our name, libcom, is an abbreviation of “libertarian communism” – and its goals of liberty and community – the political current we identify with. However our primary focus is always on how best to act in the here and now to better our circumstances and protect the planet.

Libertarian communism is the political expression of the ever-present strands of co-operation and solidarity in human societies. These currents of mutual aid can be found throughout society.” “Both through human co-operation in everyday life and in the large scale directly democratic ways of organising society developed by working people we see the seeds of a new kind of society. A society based not on exploitation, domination and drudgery but on free, voluntary co-operation, freedom and creativity – a libertarian communist society.

Libertarian communism is a social system where production is based on the concept “from each according to ability, to each according to need” and humanity is emancipated from all systems of economic and political authority. Where humans organise themselves from the bottom-up through the principles of face-to-face direct democracy, mandated delegation and federalism. To this end, where all society’s decisions are made at the base, we focus on grassroots working class organisation and self-education today.

We identify primarily with the trends of workers’ solidarity, co-operation and struggle throughout history, such as those mentioned above, whether they were self-consciously Bold textlibertarian communist (such as in Spain) or not. We are also influenced by certain specific theoretical and practical traditions, such as anarchist-communism, social ecology, anarcho-syndicalism, the Situationists, libertarian Marxism, council communism, as well as writers including Karl Marx, Peter Kropotkin, Harry Cleaver, Murray Bookchin and Anton Pannekoek.”

RED LIBERTARIA. Grupo Libertario de Buenos Aires http://www.inventati.org/rlba/ “What is Red Libertaria (Libertarian Network)?”

“…we, comrades that shared their libertarian ideas, started to find each other in the struggles, all of us looking for the way to overcome the lack of libertarian spaces. And so, the last days of December 2002, the first formal meetings of Red Libertaria took place. ” “Red Libertaria´s goal is anarchism´s resurgence; in the streets, in the factories and workshops, in the schools and universities, in the neighbourhoods and shambles; so that anarchism can be a revolutionary force again, a force that combats and destroys capitalism everywhere, wielding the weapons of direct action, horizontality, federalism, solidarity, self-management, freedom and equality. ” “We militate in different spaces (cooperatives, unions and syndic groups, students centres and students groups, neighbourhood work groups, social and cultural centres, etc.) to strengthen popular organizations and struggles, propelling libertarian ideas and trying to make people assimilate them and, over all, practice them as their own. “

“Anarchism as a philosophic and political practice has developed a multitude of variants or tendencies throughout its century and a half of history. All of them criticize the present state of things, share rejection to the authority and have a common goal: a society of free and equal human beings. Several anarchist tendencies coexist nowadays and come together in the libertarian movement. Mainly, their differences rest up on the methods that they propose. “

“…we think that libertarians must be organized in order to be able to influence society. Isolated we would be unable to carry out any truly great action. The organization that we propose differences itself from the traditional political institutions inasmuch as hierarchies do not exist inwards: there is not a person or group who decides and another that executes. “

“Anarchists’ organization must be a truly democratic organization, in which the decisions are made through assemblies. Since there’s a physical limit of persons that can conform an assembly, libertarians’ organization would be a federation: the unit of the multiple and relatively small nuclei, each one carrying on a particular activity, but related to the whole through periodic general meetings. Each group would relative autonomy within the framework of these basic agreements. “

“…anarchists, Red Libertaria, and the libertarian movement in general are places where we come together and discuss, plan and organize propaganda and participation in the struggles. Parallel to the libertarian movement, the popular movement develops, sometimes spontaneously, but almost always through union organizations, student groups or neighbourhood work groups in which we must participate.”

“…we think that the regrouping of the libertarians is urgent; in the libertarian movement, and according to the tendency of each one, taking ahead an energetic and coordinated militant action towards the social change.”

“Federación Libertaria Argentina (FLA)”, Argentina Miembro de la Internacional de Federaciónes Anarquistas (Member of International of Anarchist Federations) http://www.libertario.org.ar/

Brasil 1551, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1154) Publications: “Acción Libertaria” 1933-1971; “El Libertario” since 1985 – http://www.libertario.org.ar/libertario.html Biblioteca Archivo de Estudios Libertarios http://www.libertario.org.ar/bael.html

La Hidra de mil cabezas. Grupo de Menoza (Argentina), con importante material y trabajo de reflexión sobre las ideas libertarias http://www.lahidrademilcabezas.com.ar/Nombre.htm

” los principios sobre los cuales se asienta nuestra organización: libertad, horizontalidad y autogestión” http://www.lahidrademilcabezas.com.ar/menu.htm “…una federación de comunas agrarias basadas en un régimen comunista libertario.” “”Todos los hombres están a favor de la libertad…” “La libertad es el hombre que trastornará al mundo…” “La verdadera libertad se funda en la comunidad de espíritu y en la comunidad de bienes terrenales”. “…una confraternidad universal de mujeres y hombres en libertad e igualdad…” “…el clamor de quienes se rebelan contra él es uno solo: “¡Libertad!” “
Anarres Libros / Colección Utopía Libertaria http://www.quijotelibros.com.ar/anarres.htm

Av. Corrientes 4790, Ciudad de Buenos Aires Utopía Libertaria es el nombre de una colección de libros que tanto rescata a las obras fundantes del pensamiento anarquista como actualiza esas ideas para los tiempos que nos han tocado en suerte. La colección es compartida transversalmente por varios grupos que se reclaman libertarios, y cada uno de ellos posee su propio sello editorial.

Ateneo Libertario Virtual

“…Acceso a una gran cantidad de material que servirá para profundizar en nuestros conocimientos de historia, economía y teoría del anarquismo así como nuestros conocimientos de las grandes figuras del movimiento a través de algunas de sus obras y otros escritos”. Puesto que el anarquismo no es una escuela ni un cuerpo doctrinal cerrado, no cabe esperar que los textos que señalamos defiendan las mismas ideas o expongan enfoques similares. Tienen en común nada más -y nada menos- que su orientación libertaria http://www.alasbarricadas.org/ateneovirtual/index.php/Portada

FAL Fundación de Estudios Libertarios Anselmo Lorenzo (CNT) “…el comunismo libertario…” http://www.cnt.es/fal/home.php

Talleres de Educación Libertaria en Mendoza http://hernun.com.ar/blogs/enta/2007/09/talleres_de_educacion_libertar.html

Insumiseria (San Juan) “Espacio insumiso de difusión y comunicación de ideas libertarias“. http://www.insumiseria.blogspot.com/

RLAM Red Libertaria Apoyo Mutuo http://www.red-libertaria.net

“Crítica Libertaria de la Actual Coyuntura” El Grupo de Trabajo Solidaridad Libertaria de la CGT de Burgos, en su actividad solidaria y de trabajo en común con las organizaciones del anarquismo organizado e insertado socialmente de América Latina, FAU Uruguay, FAG Porto Alegre, FAO Brasil, los compañeros argentinos, etc. http://debatelibertario.blogspot.com/

Colectiva Libertaria D- Género Proyectil Fetal. Grupo Anarcofeminista Queer de Buenos Aires con varias actividades y reflexiones sobre el tema. http://www.proyectilfetal.blogspot.com/

Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas de Venezuela. Edita el periódico El Libertario y realiza múltiples actividades que irradia a toda latinoamérica. http://www.nodo50.org/ellibertario/

El Libertario es realizado desde 1995 por un colectivo editorial libertario, difundiendo las actividades ácratas y sociales autónomas del continente Libertario- Periodico de los movimientos sociales atonomos http://www.nodo50.org/ellibertario/english.htmlds

LIBERTAD. Grupo anarquista de Buenos Aires “Pagina electronica del grupo anarquista libertad” Por la revolucion social y el comunismo anarquico http://www.geocities.com/grupo_libertad/


OSL. Organización Socialista Libertaria (Buenos Aires, Argentina): http://www.osl.org.ar 15 de Noviembre 1164, Buenos Aires, Ar.


International Libertarian Solidarity – ILS-SIL – federation of mainly platformist groups of which WSM is the Irish section. [2] Solidarietà Internazionale Libertaria

The ILS/SIL Network The International Libertarian Solidarity network was founded in April 2001 on the initiative of the CGT. Its main purpose is international solidarity and the provision of concrete assistance. The network has over twenty members – libertarian organizations, unions and self-managed communities – who are spread throughout Europe (Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland), North America (Canada, USA, Mexico), South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay), Asia (Lebanon) and Africa (South Africa).

It is linked to an even greater number of libertarian organizations who cooperate regularly, for example during international summits against capitalist globalization. The first series of SIL projects concern South America.” http://www.fdca.it/fdcaen/ILS/ils_members.htm

ILS/SIL Member Organizations


AL was founded in 1999 by militants of the anarcho-syndicalist union CGT. It operates mainly in Catalunya.

ALTERNATIVE LIBERTAIRE (AL – FRANCE) http://www.alternativelibertaire.org/

Alternative Libertaire was founded in 1991. It is part of the international libertarian workers’ movement which provides it with its strong ideas, though it does not reject positive contributions from other areas. It works within the workers’ movement, with young people and inside social movements. Its action is founded on two distinct levels of organization and expression:

   *the organization and development of a new libertarian current based on class struggle;
   *the emergence of a vast anti-capitalist and self-managed movement in which the libertarian current can be an equal player.

AL publishes the monthly journal Alternative Libertaire and the magazine Debattre.


This anarcho-syndicalist organization grew out of the 1979 Congress of the Spanish CNT. It was obliged to take the name CGT in 1988 after losing its claim to keep its name and heritage to the “historical” wing of the CNT. It has 50,000 members and is the third-largest union in Spain The CGT publishes the monthly Rojo y Negro and the magazine Libre Pensamiento .


The CIPO-RFM is a native american libertarian organization which follows the examples set by Ricardo Flores Magon, the best-known Mexican anarchist militant who, together with Emiliano Zapata was one of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution. The CIPO-RFM has close ties to the EZLN and joined the latter on its national march in February 2001 which reached Mexico City.


The FAG was founded in 1996. It operates principally in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul whose capital is Porto Alegre. This was the site, in 2001, of the Anarchist Days which were held to coincide with, and criticise, the World Social Forum. The FAG is a member of the Concentraçao Anarquista Brasileira together with other organizations and groups from other Brazilian states. The FAG is also a member of the Coordinacion Anarquista de America Latina (CALA) together with the OSL (Argentina), the FAU (Uruguay) and the CUAC (Chile).


The FAU was founded in 1965 during a revolutionary period. It is the oldest and most experienced South American anarchist organization. It was the mover behind the creation of the single central trade union (CNT) which at present has a mainly reformist direction. During the military dictatorship from 1976 to 1984, the FAU took part in the armed struggle and fought alongside the Tupamaros. Many of its militants were subjected to imprisonment, torture and exile and others were assassinated. In 1984, about 30 comrades decided to rebuild the FAU, taking advantage of the support and solidarity of the Spanish CNT and the Swiss OSL. At present, the FAU has over one hundred militants and produces several publications including the journal Lucha Libertaria.

It is a member of the CALA together with the FAG (Brazil), the OSL (Argentina) and the CUAC (Chile). LA MARMITA (GREECE)

This is a libertarian group formed around the magazine of the same name. Its members are mainly young militants who are active in schools and in solidarity with and the struggle for political prisoners. They are presently working towards the formation of an organized anarchist current in Greece.

ORGANISACION SOCIALISTA LIBERTARIA (OSL – ARGENTINA) http://www.geocities.com/jmheredia.geo/index.htm

The OSL is the most recent organized anarchist group in Argentina. It publishes the monthly journal En la Calle and has groups in Buenos Aires, Rosario and La Plata. It is involved in the widescale mass struggle which is currently taking place in Argentina and its militants are frequently targeted for State repression. It too is a member of the CALA together with the FAU (Uruguay), the FAG (Brazil) and the CUAC (Chile).


Founded in 1985, the OSL is deeply involved in social, labour, feminist and anti-racist struggles. Its militants were among the founders of the SUD-Public Services union which now has 8,000 members. The OSL publishes the journal Rebellion.

Organizace revolucních anarchistu – Solidarita (ORA- S – CZECH REPUBLIC/SLOVAKIA) http://www.fdca.it/fdcaen/international/oras.htm

The ORA-S was founded in 1999. Initially is was an anarcho-syndicalist organization, but took on a libertarian communist orientation and now works towards the autonomous organization of workers within the factories. Much of its activity is dedicated towards the struggle against capitalist globalization and in fact it was at the organizational heart of the anarchist and ecologist sectors of the demonstrations against the IMF and World Bank summits in Prague in September 2000. The ORA-S publishes the monthly Solidarita.


The SAC is an anarcho-syndicalist confederation and revolutionary syndicalist organization founded at the start of the 20th century. It has 9,000 members and is the most important revolutionary organization in Sweden. It was in the frontline of the protests against the EU summit in Goteborg in 2001. It publishes the weekly paper Arbetares.

RESEAU NO PASARAN (FRANCIA) nopasaran.samizdat.net/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=65

No Pasaran is a network of anti-fascist collectives in France.



AL-BADIL AL-CHOOUI AL-TAHAROURI (LEBANON) flag.blackened.net/revolt/inter/albadil.html

RED LIBERTARIA APOYO MUTUO (RLAM – SPAIN) http://www.red-libertaria.net/noticias/index.php


LUTA LIBERTARIA (BRAZIL) http://www.ainfos.ca/05/aug/ainfos00102.html




ZABALAZA BOOKS (SOUTH AFRICA) http://www.zabalaza.net/zababooks/

http://flag.blackened.net/daver/anarchism/index.html “The Anarchist Library. Liberty – Mother, not Daughter of Order”

http://flag.blackened.net/daver/anarchism/mlc/index.html “The Manifesto of Libertarian Communism by Georges Fontenis, Platformist Anarchism. Transcribed from an Anarchist Communist Edition distributed by the Anarchist Communist Federation.”

http://flag.blackened.net/daver/anarchism/guerin1.html Daniel Guerin’s essay on the origins of the words Anarchism and Libertarianism. Anarchism: A Matter of Words (Where the words “Anarchism” and “Libertarian” come from) From Chapter 1, part 1 of the book “Anarchism”, by Daniel Guerin

“Today the terms “anarchist” and “libertarian” have become interchangeable.” “Some contemporary anarchists have tried to clear up … misunderstanding by adopting a more explicit term: they align themselves with libertarian socialism or communism. ” “During a street meeting on May 4, 1885, in Haymarket Square, a bomb thrown at the legs of the police in an unexplained manner provided the necessary pretext. Eight leaders of the revolutionary and libertarian socialist movement were arrested, seven of them sentenced to death, and four subsequently hanged (a fifth committed suicide in his cell the day before the execution). Since then the Chicago martyrs– Parsons, Fischer, Engel, Spies, and Lingg– have belonged to the international proletariat, and the universal celebration of May Day (May 1) still commemorates the atrocious crime committed in the United States. “

http://flag.blackened.net/daver/anarchism/lastlib.html A Letter to the Editor of The Match Taken from Issue #86, Summer 1991 P.O. Box 3488 Tucson, Arizona 85722 Dear Fred: I’m a 1967-style Libertarian, and that seems to have little in common with the “Libertarians” we’ve picked up since 1980. You have no idea of the corruption that entered the “Party of Principle.” Reason Magazine sold out. The great anarchistic “Mr. Libertarian”, Murray Rothbard, joined with an arch-fascist; most state-level positions have been lost to the conservatarians. Why? Because the right-wingers had so much more money than the left-wingers. They were able to flit about the country and create a controlling clique that people without money couldn’t keep up with... Personally, I think the whole Capitalism vs. Socialism argument is a red herring. We’re still in medievalism. You tell me what class your daddy was and I’ll tell you which one you’re in – just like the twelfth century. First, we get out of medievalism, then with everyone starting off equally, we’ll see about the Capitalism vs. Socialism bit. However, you would be doing the real Libertarians a favor if you called these pseudo-Libertarians by their true name: Conservatarians. ” “Walk Karwicki II Box 2372 York, PA 17405 “

http://flag.blackened.net/daver/anarchism/puente.html Isaac Puente’s essay on Libertarian Communism.

LIBERTARIAN COMMUNISM by Isaac Puente First published by the CNT in Spanish as a widely distributed pamphlet in 1932, with many subsequent editions. – The first english translation appeared in ‘The Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review’ #6 Orkney 1982. This Edition published 1985 by MONTY MILLER PRESS P.O. Box 92 Broadway, Sydney 2007, Australia. “

http://flag.blackened.net/daver/anarchism/mcelroy1.html Individualist Anarchism vs. “Libertarianism” and Anarchocommunism by Wendy McElroy This article appeared in issue #12 of the New Libertarian, October, 1984.

“the two movements which seem to be natural homes of individualist anarchism — libertarianism (for which it used to be a synonym) and the anarchist tradition (of which it is a subset) — are now uncomfortable places. This wasn’t always true…

Rothbard is also often credited with modern libertarianism, which I consider to be a movement separate from individualist anarchism: that is, I believe they have distinct and often antagonistic goals and strategies. When Tucker referred to himself as a libertarian, it meant individualist anarchist, but words have lives of their own and meanings change…

The word liberal once referred to an individualist who defended the free market; now, it means almost the opposite and libertarians need to use the term “classical liberal” if they want to be clear. Similarly, the word “libertarian” has changed due to the fairly successful efforts of the Libertarian Party to associate libertarianism with political goals and the political means, both of which are anathema to individualist anarchist theory…

More and more, libertarianism has become identified with the Libertarian’ Party. More and more, the goal of libertarianism has changed from dismantling the State to joining the State and replacing the face behind the desk of power as though it were the particular face and not the desk — the position of unjust power itself — that was the enemy.

As libertarianism becomes increasingly political, it will become increasingly hostile to individualist anarchism, because anarchism poses as great a threat to the political ambitions of the LP as it does to the conventional defenders of government…

The anarchists will then learn from political libertarians the same lesson that the Russian anarchists learned from the Bolsheviks — we are fellow travelers no more.”



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