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Lúnasa 30, 2008

This is written by one or more nerds; sometimes in Irish, badly.

An Saoirsí (on-seer-shee) means The Libertista, so-to-speak.

“Saoirse” is Irish for liberty or freedom (to be able to do something, not simply the absence of restraint).

“Saoirsechairdiúl” (seer-sha-khar-dyool) means “libertarian”, in the same way that “daonchairdiúil” means “humanitarian”; the etymological meanings are “freedom-friendly” and “human-friendly” respectively.

Saoirsechairdiúileachas (seersha-khar-dyool-a-khas) means libertarianism – having a positive concern or belief that is friendly towards freedom and liberty in human affairs.

From Wikipedia:

The first known use in a political sense of the term translated into English as ‘libertarian’ was by the French anarcho-communist Joseph Déjacque who in 1857 employed the coinage libertaire in a letter to Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

In the 1940s, Leonard Read began calling himself “libertarian” because “classical” connotes an old, outdated and backwards leaning philosophy. In 1955, Dean Russell wrote an article pondering what to call those, such as himself, who subscribed to the classical liberal philosophy. He suggested: “Let those of us who love liberty trademark and reserve for our own use the good and honorable word “libertarian.”

Since then, some of our American friends have essentially tried to trademark the term “libertarianism” for themselves, in a very politically sectarian, ethnically chauvinistic manner. We are happy to disoblige them with this blog.

Libertarianism is not their property, and they don’t own it;

Libertarianism Is Yours – Is Libh Saoirsechairdiúileachas!