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Some thoughts on Race

Samhain 2, 2008

Some comments on the comments to an article by Justin Raimondo over at The American Conservative blog:

The whole fixation on white, and other, races as relatively fixed categories is (seems?) a very American phenomenon. Not saying it isn’t a useful generalisation sometimes – in the same way as talking about Texans versus Californians – but it’s not necessary to use DNA characteristics to justify it.

The whole “stuff white people like” for example, is funny hilarious because it’s a lot of stereotypes about white liberals in US coastal cities. But outside of Blue State cities it starts to fall flat – and in rural European communities people wouldn’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

I understand that angry or alienated and politically dispossessed people who are white in the US might not have any other immediate banner of solidarity to rally around. But that kind of very broad generalisation doesn’t really export well outside of that context.

White Europeans, Black, Brown and Yellow men have all been more than willing to slaughter each other within their skin colours’ boundaries, and still do.

While I sympathise very much with sentiments expressed against excessive and rigid racialism in thought and deed, it is refreshing to see a quality forum where these topics can be discussed and argued about openly and intelligently.

Especially so to see this come from a thinking conservative/right point of view. A lot of the left seem content to be abdicate their public responsibility about this, and just engage in self-righteous sloganonanism.

A lot of wounds fester badly when kept covered up. That there exists an undercurrent of racialist thinking and grievance in American society might suggest that it’s better to draw it out and deal with it responsibly rather than have it build up, neglected, and rupture.