Al Gore Refuses To Dignify Debate: “It’s Not A Matter Of Theory”

With respect:

1. Truth or falsehood of a hypothesis isn’t the property of American Democrats or the Republicans; disagreement doesn’t mean someone is a political enemy in your own local politics;

2. There’s a difference between a) recognising a phenomenon, b) agreeing on causes, and c) deciding social priorities are when dealing with it- similar to First Aid, a person screaming is noticeable, but the unconscious person is more important to deal with immediately;

3. Lomberg is NOT arguing there’s no climate change (a), nor any human component (b), only that the tremendous shift in resource use argued for might be better used for less visible or less “sexy” phenomena, more serious to human beings in the short term (especially in the Third World). He’s not an American Republican, but a good Scandinavian Social Democrat arguing for intervention targeted to potentially more pressing matters that we _know_ we can effect now, as opposed to devoting huge allocations of resources to an uncertain, politicised solution to another problem.

4. Broad consensus on a field so subject to so many uncertainties and variables, doesn’t constitute some sort of infallible secular Magisterium of truth; this attitude that Science “isn’t just theory” and should not be open to debate, is not just unscientific, it is anti-scientific – science is provisional. If you believe Climate Change needs the kind of resource allocation argued by Gore, please don’t leave your argument hostage to his opponents by adopting such an outrageous attitude.
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