HuffPost – Voter Beware: Of Ralph Nader

“…it is just possible to see how Nader, with his messianic vanity, and destructive urges that are best explained by God or psychiatry, can again determine the future of America. From almost any non-Republican perspective – except nihilism – this is a travesty.”
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1. What a proto-totalitarian mindset – that anyone has a God-given right to a political monopoly of change and dissent! This is a democracy; are Democrats so utterly precious and vain – and so incompetent or weak on a popular basis – that they are intolerant of the democratic process itself? Suck it up!

2. A majority of the electorate don’t vote: is this not a condemnation of both Democrats and Republicans? Who are any of them to lecture anybody who gets people motivated to go out and vote? How do they know the Nader voters wouldn’t have stayed away as the real silent majority without him as on option – or have voted other third party – or Republican?

3. A significant number of Conservative or Libertarian dissidents are advocating Nader – e.g. at The American Conservative’s or Taki Theodoracopulous’ or over at . As much as they might disagree with him on other things, he has some appeal to many libertarians and conservatives who detest current foreign policy and corporate socialism; they even can appreciate his idealism – remember that thing? So chill dude; a vote for Nader is not necessarily a vote lost to Obama, despite your certainty-without-evidence to the contrary (unless there shouldn’t be ANY other parties…?)

4. Democrats shouldn’t feel so worried; whatever they lose to Nader you will gain in Corporate Republicans, Conservative-Lites, and Fairweather Neocons endorsing Obama. ‘Plus ca change‘ we can believe in!
More on Barack Obama Ralph Nader [Update: interesting how the WordPress submission button at HuffPost includes a link to it’s entire Obama category, but has nothing to Nader n’est pas?]


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