US third party coalition / parallel system?

A comment on an article regarding the US Libertarian Party from Nolan Chart, found via Thomas Knapp’s;

I’m a lefty from a Democrat background, with traditionalist leanings; would gladly have voted for Ron Paul (the man is principled and honest) or Bob Barr though (appreciated his being a spokesman for the ACLU), simply to send a message.

I think Barr made a bad mistake in rebuffing the 3rd party debate especially sponsored as it was by Paul. This was unecessary, and just seemed petty (“I’m here to get votes for me, no one else” or some such) and unworthy of the ideals he was supposed to be presenting – not to mention neither politically nor strategically astute.

That actually turned me off, and while I respect those who vote Constitution Party on principle, like Mr. Cymberknopf I also voted Nader.

I think maybe the US third parties should consider building a entire parallel process to the D/R duopoly; instead of playing by their rules, create their own “National Platform” Party/Machine where the third parties can

– pool resources;

– strategically divide up counties in swing states for canvassing;

– with delegates weighted by resources contributed and democratic debate and voting at the end to decide which candidate is selected (you know – kind of like how the original system was supposed to work);

– a smart coalition system wouldn’t just be majoritarian, but would encourage candidates to take on the views of people outside their immediate ideological group, so as to perpetuate “the machine” in 4 years; for example, some sort of internal Proportional Representation and transferable/preference ballot, so that the smaller groups would not just opt out altogether.

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